Our Services

Maritime and Technical Consultancy

Our company offers consultancy for maritime and technical issues faced by the marine and tourism industry. Our services cater to the specific requirements as applicable and appropriate. Within our specializations we are able to assist in the following areas:

  • Handling Different Type of Ships
  • Technical Management for Hotel and Vessel Machineries
  • Equipment and Machineries Maintenance Planning for Hotels and Vessels
  • Dry Docking Planning and Supervision
  • Damage Investigation and Evaluation of Hull and Machineries
  • Equipment Conditions and Valuations
  • Assist in Different Criteria’s for Construction of Vessels
  • Marine and Industrial Frauds Relating to Incidents and Accidents
  • Documentation for Vessel Sales and Purchase
  • Addressing Issues related to Ships, Boats and Speed Boats
  • Maritime Conventions, ISM and ISPS, and Navigational Issues
  • Insurance and P&I Cover, Liability etc

Different Surveys and Valuations

We undertake different surveys and valuations relating to maritime industry as well as various technical surveys within the tourism and the construction industry. We have carried out surveys for various parties, involving vessels of different types and sizes, including merchant vessels, local fishing boats, speed boats and other equip- ment. We have surveyed in the event of accidents, investigating and reporting the factual nature, cause and extent of damage. Our surveyors engage as impartial observers, assisting in determining the condition, safe utilization and worthiness. Our company undertakes different maritime related surveys and valuations:

  • Pre purchase Inspection and Appraisal Survey
  • On hire and Off hire Survey
  • Construction Survey
  • Compliance Survey
  • Deliver Inspection and Survey
  • Facilities Inspection and Survey
  • Draft and Dead Weight Survey
  • Condition and Valuation Survey
  • Damage Survey
  • Mortgage Survey
  • Stevedoring and Terminal Damage Surveys
  • Machinery Condition Survey
  • Class and Statutory Survey (On Appointments by the Classifications and Authorities)

Casualty Investigation and Evaluation

Our company performs investigations and evaluations in such events as grounding, collision, cargo mishap and personal injury. Experts are appointed for evaluations based on their experience, after reviewing the problem and the requirements. We determine the cause of the incident and other associated problems which lead to the incident. Our experienced experts will suggest measures to prevent further incidents.

Cargo Survey and Inspection

Our company conducts surveys when needed for the compliance of cargo packag- ing, stowage, marking labels and freight calculation on particular cargoes. We pro- vide assessment analysis on quantity difference in bulk and liquid cargoes loaded and discharged based on draft survey and calculating cargo volume. Cargo Inspec- tions and surveys conducted include:

  • Lost and Damaged Cargo Survey
  • Oil Products and Bulk Cargo Survey
  • Container Related Required Survey
  • Pre Shipment Survey
  • Hatch Survey
  • Hold and Tanks Cleanliness and Condition Survey

Safety and Maritime Security Consultancy

Our company provides consultancy and assistance in implementing Internation- al Safety Management System (ISM) and International Ships and Ports Security (ISPS) code. We also provide consultancy on compliance to ISM and ISPS code under SOLAS. Our company carries out an assessment of ISM and ISPS require- ments and provides guidance to improve the total system on board the ship as well as shore management.

Ship Agency and Ship Handling

We handle foreign ships calling to Maldives and provide different services as needed. The basic services we provide to ships calling to Maldives are:

  • Inward and outward clearance as required
  • Establish required communications within the concerned authorities and other stakeholders
  • Provide required assistance in accordance to international regulations and to meet local rules.

Chartering and Ship Brokerage

Our Company engages in ship chartering and brokerage both locally and interna- tionally. We monitor the shipping activities and try to maintain close relations with the shipping industry.
To our client we provide the required information and assist in decision making by providing the following:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Consultancy in Technical and Legal Matters
  • Voyage Calculations
  • Demurrage and Lay Time Calculations
  • On Hire and Off Hire Related Issues
  • Ship Sale and Purchase Issues

We have experience in concluding sales and purchases commercially. We offer brokerage service to interested clients and provide consultancy and required assistance.

Bunkering and Supplies

We arrange bunkers to vessels upon request by the master or owner of the vessel calling to Maldives. In addition, we make necessary arrangements to supply re- quired provisions and ships stores as needed.

ISM Code, ISO Familiarization and ISPS Code

Our company conducts training programs for organizations on ISM Code, ISO fa- miliarization and ISPS Code. The training ensures a better qualified personnel as well as compliance with various conventions.

Handling Various Projects

Our company have been undertaking various maritime projects and undertakes the projects for the needs of the client. We provide assistance on a knowledge based consultancy to different logistics requirements and engaged with procurement of different type of vessels and machineries.

Inspection and services of safety equipment

We provide all type of safety equipment inspection, for vessels, resorts island and buildings to meet the required standards.

  • Fire Equipments
  • Navigational Equipments
  • Survival Equipents

Auto Mobile Assessment

Our company do the different assessment of motor vehicles’, such as condition and damage evaluations for insurers and banking purpose, do valuations and assess- ments for deferent requarments.